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An Excellent Technical Review of Radial Jet Drilling

radial jet drilling technical review

Field Testing and Diagnostics of Radial-Jet Well Stimulation for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Radial Drilling Report

Stanford University Case Study of Radial Jetting Technology

Radial Drilling case study

Comprehensive Project Report on Radial Jet Drilling

An excellent study of Radial Jet Drilling, this article is well worth reading 

New non-fracking technology close to market but scientists and farmers need more convincing

Radial Drilling Equipment

3rd November - Texas Business Radio

Hank Jelsma - Radial Drilling Services President

Radial Drilling news articles and general media/reports

Drilling Contractor Article on Radial Jet Drilling

article on radial jet drilling

Optimizing the branch number and branch length of radial drilling in high water cut low permeability

Article published June 2016 on Radial Drilling, published in the Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology. This discusses Radial Jet Drilling and Radial Drilling Services

perfobur radial drilling youtube video

Animation of the Perfobur Radial Drilling system being developed in Russia

Viper Drill Radial drilling youtube video

An excellent and informative video from Viper Drill, a USA based Radial Drilling technology service company