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Radial Drilling Consultants has been formed by Darren Rice


We provide a range of services to anyone interested in Radial (jet) Drilling technology.

A brief history....

In 2010 Darren co-founded Midland, Texas-based Radial Drilling company, Zero Radius Laterals (ZRL). In 2016 Darren successfully merged ZRL with Coal Bed Methane Innovations (CBMI), of Brisbane Australia, and created V2H International. Darren was the CEO – Director of V2H International.

Darren has been actively involved in the  Radial Jet Drilling industry for over a decade and has deployed Radial Jet Drilling systems on multiple oil & gas wells across the world, including Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Australia. Darren has also evaluated international projects  in Mexico, Canada, China, Middle East & Indonesia.

Radial Drilling has the potential to revolutionize the Oil & Gas industry and is serviced by several competing technologies such as Viper Drill, Radial Drilling Services, Buckman and V2H. At Radial Drilling Consultants we have a detailed understanding of every system and which ones actually deliver value. Our focus is to provide a range of services to anyone who is interested in this technology. 

Success with Radial Drilling is a complex equation, where it is essential to match technology that delivers, with wells that meet a specific criteria. Radial Drilling Consultants has a unique insight into the existing systems on the market,  and a comprehensive understanding of the ideal well candidate selection process.

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